“The expression of the unpredictable is not only at the centre of the subject matter but is also and integral part of the painting process. Through a series of washes and painted layers this allows the unpredictable chance combinations of colour and texture.”

I paint mainly on canvas although sometimes I may use collage or mixed media in my work.

The multi layered planes of sweeping, etched and scrubbed brushmarks are on one level a visual representation of movement and sound. On a deeper, more personal level they are abstact expressions of human emotion.

A diverse group of people have purchased my paintings over the years including Martin Brundle, Rob Brydon, The House of Lords, Essex County Council, Celtic Manor Hotel, South Wales and HRH The Prince of Wales.

Only TimE Will Tell

48cm x 62cm
Acrylic on Paper

All Summer Long

28cm x 35cm
Acrylic on Board

Second Time Around

61cm x 77cm
Acrylic on Canvas

Pentre Ifan

22cm x 32cm
Drypoint / Carborundum and Hand Colouring

It’s a long story

20cm x 30cm
Acrylic on Canvas

Long Time Coming

56cm x 61cm
Acrylic on Board


50cm x 56cm
Acrylic on Canvas

Carel Y FFin

11cm x 14cm
Drypoint / Carborundum and Hand Colouring


36m x 28cm
Drypoint / Carborundum and Hand Colouring


23m x 16cm
Drypoint / Carborundum and Hand Colouring


“Ross Loveday’s paintings I found enormously appealing and by a self-taught artist, a triumph.